Room hanger

Vertical pole hanger

Simple installation with pole system, sturdy clamping without nailing with wedge pins

Pole hanger: SJH series

▶ Easy to install and free to move

▶ Installation is available anywhere

▶ There is few trouble.


Material: SUS 201 0.7T x 23.8Φ, Polycarbonate

Size: Hanger size 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000mm 

Working load: 10kg/m 

Feature: Adjustable length of pole, solid fixing like nailing

Pole hanger between walls: BSH(I) series

▶ Optimum system for space utilization 

▶ Utilization freely between walls 

▶ Easy to install and free to move 

▶ Maintain supporting force firmly by spring tension


Material: SUS 201 0.7T x 23.8Φ, Polycarbonate

Sizehanger length within 5,700mm

Working load: 10kg/m 

FeatureAdjustable length of pole & hanger, solid fixing like nailing 

+ It is installed more firmly by double fixing the floor and ceiling, wall and wall. 

+ If the environment changes later, such as moving, you can purchase additional pipes and install them.