Door drying rack & hanger

Door hanger

Dryers and hangers for simple walks

Door drying rack: MH1060

▶ In any types of door, it can be installed 

▶ Removable freely and no interference when the door open/close 

▶ Using as a hanger and laundry drying rack 

Function of natural humidification (When put on the laundry) 


Material: Stailless steel bar, Aluminium, Polycarbonate

Size: 615 x 320 mm, Length from door top - 180 mm

Feature: Max weight 10kg, Foldable

Door hanger: MH60-7

▶ Convenient variable coat hook 

▶ For the clothes put on / taking off always 

▶ Nailing is not required and removable freely


Material: Aluminium, Zinc, Polycarbonate 

Size: 600 x 40 mm, Length from door top - 180 mm 

Feature: Hanger space can be adjusted, Max weight for each hanger : 2kg

door thickness can be used between 32 mm to 50 mm 

+ when not using, can be kept after having fold