Organic Cotton Dry Tissue

Cotton Pads from Nature

Sullab Cotton Pad From Nature can be used safely without irritation on your skin since it is made only with 100% Fairtrade organic pure cotton that meets GOTS certification standards and Fairtrade standards of planting cotton seeds to cultivating,

 harvesting and manufacturing.  


What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade Certification by International Fairtrade Organization 

Fairtrade certified cotton is purchased from producers of cotton fabrics who comply with all Fairtrade standards set by the International Fairtrade Organization in the entire process 

from product production to distribution. 

International Fairtrade Organization Virtuous Cycle System 

Minimum Guaranteed Price, Fairtrade Incentive, 

 and License Cost Virtuous Cycle Structure 

Sullab Organic Cotton, 

how is it different from regular tissues? 


TCF certified organic cotton

Sullab dry tissue is made of a safe material approved by TCF. A completely chlorine-free bleaching method is used in the manufacturing process that does not generate any chlorine-based compounds when processing cotton or pulp. 


Strong durability and a sense of thickness

4 times thicker compared to conventional dry tissue, and Four layers of densely compressed pure cotton eliminates irritation on your skin. 


Wet tissue with Waterjet system

Waterjet system with high water pressure creates 

strong fabric so it does not tear easily. 


Fabric with less lint and warping

Weaving with high water pressure creating the soft texture of the natural pure cotton, so it reduces lint and warping.

A smart choice for my child 

Sullab Cotton Pads from Nature 

A dry tissue made of 100% organic cotton, it is safe 

like a handkerchief and can be used comfortably like a wet tissue.

 If you use organic cotton with Thermal Spring, you can make healthier wipes. 


Sullab organic cotton is certified for Fairtrade by the International Fairtrade Organization. In addition, 

it has been certified for safety by internationally recognized organizations such as the International 

Organic Association, OEKO-TEX, BRC, and etc., so you can use it with confidence. 


Pure Fairtrade organic cotton as natural. Use safely without irritation to your skin.