A gift from nature, Thermal Spring

Sullab Thermal Spring is preservative-free and chemical-free. 

 It is based on natural sulfur thermal spring water drawn from ground under 808m. 

Did you know that sulfur thermal spring water has been used for skin treatment since ancient times?

Effects of hot spring therapy 

recorded in ‘Donguibogam’ 

In Donguibogam, it is recoreded that the hot spring water 

is good for skin diseases, and is effective for skin sores, 

diseases, and other skin problems. 

The effects of sulfur thermal spring water from ancient times. 

Now, the birth of Thermal Spring 

Thermal Spring contains rich minerals that are effective for moisturizing the skin and itching. Thermal Springs are free from harmful substances such as heavy metals, microorganisms, and chemical additives, so they can be used safely from newborns to adults. 

Thermal Spring Philosophy


The difference between 

Thermal Spring and tap water


Thermal Spring is made of safe ingredients that have been verified by various inspection agencies. 

Sullab cleans and protects our skin based on the philosophy 

that contains pure natural beauty.