SPACE S E O N : [仙] Brand Story

Is there any way of living together between human and nature without hurting each other?

Human(人)& Nature(山) - Seon(仙) means their union.
We pursue some ways of coexistence of human and nature
and space where we live together.

Rain Water Tank 

We develop and provide above rain water tank that looks nice with brick house and its surroundings also, easy installation. Water covers  71% of earth's surface but do you know water we use is less than 1 % among the entire?  Water is not any longer shared resource but managed by own government due to the global contamination, increase of population and industrial water use. Water just became precious natural resource as much as oil which was called Black Gold, now we call water Blue Gold. 

Compost Toilet 

We invented compost toilet for our earth's ecosystem. Flush toilet brings comfort daily life but also,  emit sewage into the sea occasionally.  New toilet saves water and helps earth environmental circulation. 

 Natural Product