Cactus Embroidery_Toddler

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Product Dimensions : 80 x 100 cm.

Item Weight : 4 kg

Cover : 100% Cotton

Inner cushion : 100% Polyester

Maximum Weight recommendation : 10 kg

Batteries Required : No

Manufacturer : Made in Korea

Included : 1 set (Cover + Inner Cushion)




[Important Notice]


  • Please read the PRODUCT DETAILS carefully before purchasing.
  • Cozy : Designed with a recessed interior to cradle baby’s bottom, keeping your baby relaxed and safe. The deeply contoured sides help keep infant in place and provide a cozy caress.
  • Digestion and Breathing : Upper body elevation helps aid in digestion and breathing.
  • Multi-purpose : Tummy time, Snaps photos, watch or simply enjoy a hands-free moment during your baby’s awake time only.
  • Portable design : lightweight fabric with convenient handle tor easy travel from house-to-house or room-to-room.
  • Zippered washable cover : The Rototo features a removable and washable cover.
  • Guaranteed Quality/Patented : We acquired the KC (Korea Certification) mark and obtained a patent on Rototo cushions in 2018.
  • Made in Korea : The materials that make up the product are Korean. The manufacturing process is made in Korea.







  • Do not use for sleeping
  • Use it until baby reaches 22 pounds or can roll over on his own.
  • Designed for baby's awake time. When using cushions, babies need to be monitored by guardians.
  • Do not use the cushions in a high place.
  • Cover Washing Tips : To clean your removable cover, remove the cover from inner cushion, machine wash warm, gentle cycle. Tumble dry, Lowest heat setting, remove promptly.
  • Inner Cushion Care : Spot clean with soapy cloth to remove soils. Do not machine wash inner lounger.





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Cactus Embroidery_Toddler

100.00 USD
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Out of Stock
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