Agreement about personal information utilization


■ Purpose of personal information collecting and utilization

To provide writing on Board


■ Collecting personal information articles

name and e-mail


■ Personal information possession period and utilization period

In principle, we destroy the information without delay after we achieved purpose. But because of these reasons below, it will be preserved with specified period.

ο By company's information protection policy, prevent illegal dealing and by shopping mall's manage policy : 5 years

ο Preserve because of related law

a.  Record about contract and withdrawal

- Preservation reason: Consumer protection law at e-commerce.

- Preservation period: 5 years

b. Record about payment and goods supply.

- Preservation reason: consumer protection law at e-commerce.

- Preservation period

c. Record about consumer's complaints and dispute settlement

- Preservation reason: Consumer protection law in e-commerce

- Preservation Period

d. Log record

- Preservation reason. 

- Preservation period : 3 months


※ You can reject, but if you do not, you can't write on the Board