Getting Started

Powering ON/OFF

To turn on or turn off the speaker, press and hold the power button. After 10 minutes of disuse, the speaker will automatically turn off.

Switching Modes

To switch between modes, slide the mode key at the side of the speaker. 52 SPEAKER has three different modes: ACTIVITY mode for outdoor activity environments, NORMAL mode for indoor and general uses, and FM mode for listening to radio stations.

Connecting to a device

In ACTIVITY or NORMAL modes, the speaker will automatically start Bluetooth pairing. (The LED indicator flashes blue.) On your mobile phone, enable Bluetooth, and search for Bluetooth devices. Select [52 SPEAKER] for pairing and connection. When you turn on the speaker, it will reconnect the last connected device automatically. * To connect another Bluetooth device, disconnect the current device first.

Play/Pause, Adjust Volume, Play Next/Previous Song

Press the dial button to pause and re-play music. During speaker playing or when conversation is in progress, rotate the dial button to increase or reduce volume. Press the RW button to play previous song, and press the FF button to play next song.

Taking a Call

Press the dial button to accept the call to your mobile phone connected with 52 SPEAKER. Press the dial button to end the call. You can also accept and end the call via your mobile phone in the normal way. You cannot answer a call via 52 SPEAKER in FM mode.

Navigating channels on FM mode

In FM mode, press and hold the RW or FF button to move to a close FM radio channel. If you press of the RW or FF button, you can move frequency back and forth by 0.2MHz.


Connect the 5 Pin Micro USB cable between the CHARGE socket at the back of the speaker and a USB socket on a power supply. The battery is rechargeable and can be fully charged in 2 hours. When fully charged, it plays up to 7 hours. (Playtime may depend on songs and volume.)


Using the holding mount and the rings included in the pack, 52 SPEAKER can be mounted on various places such as a bike handle, shoulder strap of a bag, or a belt. Use the strap to prepare for the fall. 


Can I mount 52 SPEAKER on a Bryton mount or Wahoo mount ?

52 SPEAKER’s rear structure is only compatible with Garmin mount. 52 SPEAKER is also attachable anywhere with the holding mount and rings included in a package.

How long does the battery last?

A fully charged 52 SPEAKER can play music up to 7 hours. (battery time also depends the type of music, use of speaker phone function, and FM radio mode.)

Which devices are compatible with 52 SPEAKER?

Any Bluetooth-Smart device, including smartphones, music players, tablets and laptops, are able to connect to 52 SPEAKER.

How long is the warranty?

52 SPEAKER warrants for a period of 60 days from the date of retail purchase by the original end-use purchaser.

What is your exchange/refund/AS policy?

For any issues arising from product defects under normal usage conditions, you may exchange or return the product, or have it repaired free of charge. For any issues under normal usage conditions arising past the warranty period, all repairs and maintenance may be repaired at users’ own expense.

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