Reviews of those who have experienced Hesslebach in advance

"I keep making things at home."

It's a story that people who have used Hesslebach first give a lot of comments.

It was very rewarding to hear that we could enjoy a healthy daily life by experiencing a healthy and deep taste, even if we cook a simple meal every day. I hope Hesslebach can play a role in finding a healthy lifestyle through Wadiz.

Kim (40s / Men/ Chef)

It is lighter than the existing casting pot, so it is easier to handleit, and I was able to cook more comfortably and quickly as the food did not stick to the bottom of the pan. 

I was satisfied that I could cook in a short time, but the deep taste was maintained and the texture of each dish was rich.

The safety of the critical materials, as well as the ease of management, are excellent because you can take advantage of the existing casting pot!

Yuran (60s / woman / Painter/ from US)

The energy that a small pot gave me, with COVID-19, I've been living a prison-like life for nearly half a year unintentionally at home, but a small pot has changed my life. 

It is a product that complemented the imperfections of the casting pot that I was using. 

Those pots had chipped-off edges from long usage. I don’t see the issues with this one. I think the stainless steel trim did the trick!

The thick bottom of the pot seems to have succeeded in applying science and technology to keep the original flavor of the ingredients.

In fact, when I cooked a beef stew, the heat was preserved without the need for a pressure cooker and in a short period of time the dish was ready , keeping the original taste of the ingredients.

It made me prepare a happy table giving me positive energy! Thank you!

Yunah (40s / woman/ lawyer/ from US)

One thing I really liked was that it was really easy to caramallize minced onions on low heat. After putting on olive oil, the chopped onions were evenly brown after about 15 minutes without burning at all, and I felt that the bottom of the Dutch oven was very heavy and well-made. Above all, the inside of the pot is very convenient because it is easily wiped with a simple sponge. 

Sara님 (40s / woman/ Busy Optoelectronics Engineer and Mum/ from UK)

 The Dutch oven is by far my favourite addition to the kitchen. It is a versatile and beautiful piece of kitchenware, which I use to prepare a variety of dishes on the stove top and in the oven. 

The heat capability of this pan is impressive; it heats up quickly, evenly, and retains heat throughout the cooking process, thus allowing food to brown and sear perfectly. 

I have used it to make lasagne, curries, stir fry and slow cooking stews. 

Food cooks beautifully, it is very flavoursome and moist without sticking to the bottom of the pot or burning. 

 The vibrant colour make it a great display piece in the kitchen and at the dinner table; 

I have used it straight from oven to table and it looks fantastic when hosting dinner parties. It is very durable and the ceramic surface enables easy cleaning without causing any damage to the pot itself. I find I use it most days and love it. It is definitely worth the investment! 

Samantha (30s / woman/ from UK)

 Cookware innovation at its best Upon receiving my Hesslebach pot I was immediately taken a back with the superiority of the packaging, the weight of the product, and the vibrancy of the blue colour in my kitchen. 

This being my first cast stainless steel cooking product, and having being used to the more commonly known cast iron, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. 

I had ordered the small pot to give a test run before committing to the range, and can say that I was not disappointed and will be taking the plunge. 

Our little pots first test run was a fruit cobbler. 

The finished pudding came out beautifully! 

It was effortless in the Hesslebach pot, using the lid in the oven to keep the steam in and cook the fruit slowly – it was crispy on the top, and juicy and sweet underneath in no time at all. 

Upon further use of the pan over several other cooking experiments, my main observation is that it does not scratch like the alternative cast iron pan, instead remaining clean and hygienic with the addition of being easy to clean ready for it’s next trip to the stove! 

I can’t wait to obtain the rest of the range to brighten up my kitchen!

# A pleasant daily life with HessleBach

With Hesslebach, you can enjoy a healthy daily life, from flavourful food to simple meals.

"When I cook rice, the grains are alive, the texture is good, the taste is very good, and the cooking time is short, so I can cook rice easily, so I haven't used the electric rice cooker well since I met Hesslebach :) " _ Han (30s / woman / designer)

As I know that it is finished with natural ingredients, I am relieved that I can cook and eat food safely. 

Even if I use a spatula or spoon for cooking, it won't scratch, so I think I can use it for a long time.”

Even after using it several times in a gas stove (direct fire), it is clean without any burn marks on the outside or bottom of the pot." _ Ahn (50s / Woman / Housewife)