"The birth of the Dutch Oven that never existed before, HESSLEBACH"

"No need to have your cast iron pot laying on the corner shelf anymore."

The wise choice is to enjoy the “True” cooking experience.

Discovering and creating a new daily lifestyle with cooking is the beginning of a healthy wellness life.

"Stay at Home! 

This is your chance to practice Wellness!"

"We've had 5 years of passion

only for healthy dining table"

A Cookware for your family

Introducing Hesslebach

Superseding the current generation of cast iron pots,

We introduce you the Generation 2.0 of Cast Iron Pots created with True Wellness in mind!

HESSLEBACH makes healthy dishes with a brand new approach

"On top of the widely known benefits of a cast iron

+ the practicality of a stainless steel body

+ Natural Ceramic Fusion Finish

We doubled the benefits!"

The 7 distinctions that Hesslebach focused on!

One. Stainles Steel alloy body with SUS316 base!

Hesslebach developed stainless steel SUS special alloy material(Chinese patent application / 2020.02) that is induction compatible, to differentiate itself from conventional cast iron pots.

Hesslebach is made based on the high-priced SUS 316, which is adopted only for luxury goods, rather than SUS 304, commonly used in kitchen utensils.

SUS 316 is particularly resistant to corrosion when compared to SUS 304, so it is much high-priced than conventional stainless steel. That said, it is much safer and long-lasting, Thus we applied it to create a “Must-have” pot of all time that is highly durable and safe to be shared over generations.

Food companies use SUS 304 or above for their storage and piping equipment to maintain freshness, and only some of the German or global companies use SUS 316 or above.

# Fast Heat Transfer rate of Stainless Steel! 

As it is a current-flowing stainless steel alloy material it is heated not only on the floor but also up and down quickly, making it possible to cook quickly in a busy modern society.

Hesslebach offers a quick and easy one-pot meal from a simple meal to flavourful dishes.

# Free from the fear of rust! 

There is no rust in the rim part of the casting pot that has always been feared. In addition, there are no handle-connecting screws or protrusions inside the pot, so you can cook safely without any food entrapment or rust.

Two. Depth comes from the process.

It's not just about pouring iron into a cast, it's about precision casting!

# 12 careful processes

Unlike conventional casting pots, Hesslebach has a lot of processes to go through with precision casting, and it is completed only after a lot of inspection and delicate hands of a skilled craftsman.

Hesslebach manages the one-stop process from casting to seasoning, adds depth, and increases completeness to the last minute with 2 abrasives / 3 high temperature plasticity / 2 ultrasonic waves and nano bubble cleaning including 800°C.

# Safe to clean

In particular, Hesslebach uses nano/ultra sound waves instead of chemicals (caustic soda, sulfuric acid, etc.) during the cleaning process and considers the safety of the user until the last cleaning process.

Three. Fusing, not coating! 

You can enjoy food with confidence because it doesn't break or peel off.

We didn't think about a coating just covering the surface of the material. It's like an air freshener that covers your teeth because you don't like the bad smell, so Hesslebach refuses to coat it and changes the source itself.

“Fusing” is what makes safe and flavorful cooking possible


At 800°C high temperatures, Hesslebach is finished with special natural ceramics penetrating the body surface by ionic coupling. Hesslebach's natural ceramic finish is called "fusion," not coating.  

# No more worrying about wear and tear! 

In general, a casting pot treated only with a coating is layer as shown below, so it can be damaged by external factors such as food with salt, rapid changes in temperature during cooking, or washing dishes, resulting in food scraps or detergents penetrating or rusting.

Hesslebach is not just coated with paint on the surface, but it has a structure in which the material is combined with the body itself, making the surface hard to fall off even with strong shock and external factors. Accordingly, there is no such thing to worry like the toxicity in Teflon coatings or the wearing and cracking from enamel coating. 

Only with Natural Korean natural ceramic ingredients

We also used only natural and healthy Korean ceramic materials for safe and healthy cooking.

The food does not tend to stick on the surfaces that are fused, making cooking easier.

Even beginners can experience casting pots without difficulty, as there is not much to take care of because it does not require seasoning or other treatment. 

Four. Create a deep taste.

The weighty and precise top lid forces to heat up the four sides of the pot evenly. which does the self-basting, allowing heat inside to circulate and heat the food evenly. Moreover, a fused ceramic surface increases heat transfer and heat retention once more completing the savorous dish.

Self-basting preserves the heat generated inside the pot and circulates it to keep the food's original taste and nutrients intact.

Ceramic surfaces do not just allow heat to stay on the surface of the pot, but transfer heat up to about 2cm from the surface to the inside of the food allowing quick cooking.

"Pot lid applys pressure to obtain Fast heat transfer + high heat retention rate

So it brings the deep flavor"

Experience the difference between the deep flavor and texture of your food!  

Five. Rest assured

It is Wellness Cookware.

Hesslebach has completed the SGS / KTR / Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) non-detection test. We let you use it with confidence.

SGS / KTR Hazardous Substances Inspection Report_ All hazardous substances subject to verification have been verified for suitability.

Korea Food and Drug Administration's Report on Hazardous Substances Inspection_ Completed verification of the suitability of all hazardous substances subject to verification.

Six. Available in a variety of cooking environments

You can enjoy cooking with a variety of heating appliances, including gas stove/induction/electric stove/ ceramic electric stove/ oven as well as dishwasher. (However, microwave ovens are not available)

# Bottom of the pot stays clean even after long use

Hesslebach is kept clean even after a long period of use because the bottom and outside of the pot do not burn or the food does not stick well and the dishes are easy to wash.

# Baking is also safe and healthy with Hesslebach 

In particular, when regular ceramic coating pots is heated to 300-400°C in the oven, the coated surface starts to fall off at about 250°C or higher, but Hesslebach, which is completed at “800°C for three times of sintering”, can be used safely in the oven, so you can prepare oven dishes such as baking. 

"We'll give you a pot of all time favorite"

So far, if you've focused on just heating up your meal quickly, it's time to experience the original flavor at the same time. 

Healthily! without any concern!

"Present health to my family"

Nothing is more meaningful than to share a warm and hearty meal with your family members.