Top quality cookware for your family, Hesslebach

Since its inception in 1969, we have been a global Stainless precision casting company for 50 years, manufacturing equestrian metal products for the film "The Lord of the Rings" and the Olympic Games, architectural metal products for leading Las Vegas hotels, and lighthouses and handrails used in Manhattan Hudson River Park, New York. Also from our experience as a Kitchen Pot hardware supplier to Company F, Company A, and Company L, and other world-class German and Italian kitchenware manufacturers, we realized that iron casting pot products, which currently are widely used, have issues with rust and coating.

Over the past five years, Hesslebach management has devoted their time and effort into creating the world's best cookware that complements the shortcomings of iron castings. Working with in-house researchers, Master's and Doctorate researchers in Metal at national institutions, we developed the first Induction-Enabled Dutch Oven made of stainless alloy and succeeded in implementing the technology that brings the original taste in food ingredients. This product has been approved by the Korea Food & Drug Administration(K-FDA) and various international inspection agencies to be harmless to the human body. This product has also completed the application for a patent in China in February 2020. We assure Hesslebach will assist you in bringing a wholesome and healthy life to the table.

                                                                                                                                                                                 President Hyunku, Kim