I have a new motorcycle. Can I use my landing gear to the new bike?

 Yes. Remove the landing gear from the previous motorcycle. 

 And purchase a new bracket for the new motorcycle and install again. 

Can I use an on-touch switch? 

 We use a manual switch to prevent unintended operation while driving a bike. 

 You can use a one-touch switch, but it is not recommended for safety reasons. 

 Responsibilities for this will not be compensated.


Does it work automatically under specific speed? 

 No, we don’t provide this feature now. You would slow down for cornering, not for parking or slow driving.

 Also there could be a gap between real speed and GPS. 

 Using landing gear manually for your purpose is the most safety way to use our landing gear. 

Will the landing gear cause the battery discharged? 

 The control box of landing gear only allow a current to flow when the switch is operated. 

 Operation time is about 2 seconds, and other times the current is cut offed. 

I have a *** motorcycle model. Can I install the landing gear to my bike? 

 Please check the 'Landing gear' - 'GLK Products' page.

 If your bike model is not listed at the bracket list, you have to ask to us.

 Depending on the bike model additional brackets may be provided, which takes time to develop.