Daddy made for a baby!

#Episode 1 

Start with a small idea.

My daughter was born

and I caught that wife used baby carrier the most.

she used it every time when she went out,

kept the baby and did housework.

However, wife got more pain on her body 

as the baby grew up.

Also, whenever my wife and I wore 

baby carrier alternately,

it was hard to adjust shoulder straps.

I thought I would have a mark on the shoulder strap.

Then both sides are leveled

so that let lessen a load on the body.


Even when my dad writes, I can quickly adjust to the numbers that fit my body without having to adjust my shoulder straps every time. 

 For example, number 1 for mom, number 4 for dad.

#Episode 2

Including father's heart.

Eggray baby carrier has

warm heart of father.

Because, basically it's made for my wife and my daughter.

From fabric to design, color, functionality, etc.

I checked them out thoroughly for one year.

The old couple who is the master craftsman of 

baby carrier, gave me know-how

and I combine the idea.

In addition to the small difference in the shoulder straps, 

I wanted to include even the smallest of the existing products.

“More comfortable

More useful

More smart

baby carrier by eggray”

'I love you' Do not hurt your shoulders!


egg – Hug a baby like treat an egg

ray – ‘A ray of sunshine’ baby is a ray of light